Healthy Mind

… a healthy body must begin with a healthy mind.


HAPPINESS JOURNAL (registered Trademark)

Order the Happiness Journal at:

Create a healthy mind by doing simple daily exercises to create positive energy, learn to live by desire and not fear, and attract what you want in life.
All you need to do is follow the directions and fill in the blanks! 

It takes 21 days to create a habit. Fill in the simple blanks to the “Happiness Journal”
for 21 days to:

  • enable self love
  • create self confidence
  • build self awareness
  • create positive energy
  • live by desire (not fear!)
  • attract what you are focusing on
  • learn more about yourself
  • increase gratefulness
  • understand and sort through your thoughts


“I really enjoyed writing in the journal and found that it did help provide positivity and acted as a compass toward the things that I truly wanted.  I also enjoyed the reading prior to starting the journal and found the information very useful.”

“I really enjoy using the Happiness Journal – it’s simple and to the point, and really helpful increating positive thought habits and honing in on what it is that I truly want to pursue.”

​”I have absolutely loved writing in my Happiness Journal. I have tried writing a sort of positive journal in the past, but always forgot to write in it, and it just didn’t have enough structure for me. This Happiness Journal has helped me focus my thoughts, as well as really look into myself to find different ways to describe who “I am”.The blank back of the pages have been a nice way for me to document something wonderful that may have happened that day, which I have enjoyed having. The bucket list in the back of the journal has also encouraged me write out all the things that I have dreamed of doing, and has me trying to plan when I will be able to do them! Overall, the Happiness Journal has made me embrace the positive aspects in my life, and really want to fight for the things that I want to do.It has encouraged me to put my happiness first,which is very new for me since other peoples’ happiness has always been a priority for me. I have found that by putting my happiness first, it is actually easier for me to make other people happy! The journal has also shown me how much I truly have to be grateful for, which has made me sit back a few times and wonder why I have any complaints in life. It has been an overwhelmingly positive experience for me, and I am so grateful to Hilary for creating this journal!”

“​This is a great way to cultivate gratitude and bring daily awareness to the benefits of “positive self talk”!”

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