Stop Setting Yourself Up for FAILURE with Goals This New Year

(Originally posted January 3, 2016)

Happy New Year!

I always find something COMPLETELY missing when I read articles about setting new goals for the new year. I usually learn informative things about goal setting and working towards goals, but the focus is always on the goal or the act of reaching this goal. What about TAKING TIME to figure out what your goal is going to be?
No one talks about taking the time to FIGURE OUT WHAT YOU WANT. There is no better way to set yourself up for failure than by setting a goal towards something that you don’t truly desire.  But there is nothing better than setting a goal towards something that you really really want and something for which you know that you are willing to become uncomfortable.

So this new year, don’t set a goal for yourself just for the sake of setting a goal at the new year. That’s silly. For the first month, or even two months, take the time to evaluate your life. Think about the things you don’t want (but do not focus on this) and use those thoughts to figure out the things that you do want.  What is the one thing you want for yourself the most this year and the thing that you are willing to fight for? Set a date of February 1 or even March 1 to have a finalized goal to work towards for the rest of the year. I guarantee the goal you set for yourself in February or March, after taking some time to figure out what you truly want this year, will be much more successful than the goal you set on New Year’s Day.

Try the Happiness Journal to help you figure out what you desire for better new year goal setting. Don’t know what you want? Click here. Try the Happy Healthy mini starter package.

imageBlog - Stop Setting Yourself Up for Failure with Goals

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